Advanced Testing Technology Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

USA and international Online Testing is moving beyond Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Eduwizards is constantly evolving to provide for new and emerging needs of students. Next Generation of online testing is now available from Eduwizards. Above PARCC, DLM and SBAC links have sample tests.

This is a sample of work-in-progress, where we look at questions beyond Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) type. Eduwizards will be implementing all question-types from PARCC and DLM, and most (but not all) question types from SBAC, as well as question-types from various other emerging non-MCQ tests.

Eduwizards has also implemented Item Response Theory (IRT) based Adaptive Testing, which is part of new age testing metodologies. Eduwizards has incorporated the full algorithm (item selection algorithms, item exposure controls, and termination criteria) and the Adaptive Testing will exactly match that used in computer-adaptive tests such as GMAT.

This sample shows the Admin view -- where the administrator can make directories, input various types of assessment items, and then create test(s) from these items.

The aim here is only to demonstrate technology, and NOT demonstrate content-making. Assessment items will be made by the admin who uses the system.

Many of the questions are those made by Eduwizards for various exams (USA and international). Some questions have also been taken from publicly available sources. These are for demo only and Eduwizards acknowledges that ownership of these is not Eduwizards', and Eduwizards is not claiming any rights over these.

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